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Inspirational Readings by Leo Seguin

Inspirational readings change lives. I know this firsthand and have seen the impact of inspiring others to turn faith into action. As I wrote in my book about Ethiopia, Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky, in 100 years, it won’t matter the clothes we wore, the job we had, the car we drove. It will matter how we treated the least of our brothers and sisters.

Why Inspirational Books?

Reading inspirational books gives us ideas for how we can serve others and ensure that every child is filled with kindness, friendship, and wonderful things instead of the hate, horror, and fear we so often see in the world. This is one reason I write inspirational books to read.

Another reason is to provide people with practical information. My book How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy is an extremely practical guide that has helped people successfully honour their loved ones. Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky details the efforts of many everyday heroes, but it is also practical, providing information people can use to start their own charities.

All Net Proceeds to Charity

I also write because I can sell these inspiring books to read and donate all proceeds to charity. The proceeds will be donated to a charity I founded called Rainbow for the Future.

Just by purchasing these inspiring books to read, you are making a difference. Thank you in advance for your support.

Leo Seguin

Should you purchase Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky, I hope you enjoy getting to know the heroes of Ethiopia. My dream is that this book will motivate someone to take action and make a difference, no matter how small, in the world. If we each make a small difference, we will create massive results. There is no better reason for writing inspirational books to read than that!