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Rainbow for the Future: Development Aid for Ethiopia

Rainbow for the Future is a Canadian international development agency dedicated to providing development aid throughout Ethiopia. Our mission statement is “Helping the Poor Help Themselves.”

Development Aid: Areas of Focus

Rainbow for the Future’s major areas of development aid are:

  • Irrigation-based projects to improve food security, reduce poverty, and provide independence for rural communities
  • Education and healthcare, especially for girls and women

What Makes Us Unique?

There are four major areas that, together, make Rainbow for the Future a unique Canadian international development agency:

1 Leveraging Donations

In many cases, Canadian government agencies provide grants that match donations received on a 4:1 basis. In those cases,  each dollar you donate results in $5 of total funding for development projects.

2 Maximizing Funds to Recipients

More of your donations (about 95%) end up where they belong—with those who need it. Administration costs are minimal and travel costs are paid for directly by volunteers and directors. We thoroughly check each activity to ensure it achieves the maximum impact while helping the maximum number of people.

3 Help, Not Handouts

Recipients of development aid are required to contribute with their own resources or labour so they can participate in their own success.

4 Strong Partnerships

Partnerships with any other Canadian international development agency and Ethiopian agencies ensure all projects are carried out with a high level of expertise, trust, and stewardship of donations.

Why Provide Development Aid?

After obtaining 4:1 matching funding from governments, one person can be fed sustainably or receive permanent, nearby access to water for $5 to $10. That’s about the same cost as a couple of specialty coffees!

The result is the bread of life that not only feeds them physically, but also psychologically. It feeds their self-worth, their self-reliance. They then know that people haven’t forgotten them; that people care for and love them as brothers and sisters of the human family. Then you see the most beautiful thing known to man, the human spirit in full bloom.” – Leo Seguin, Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky

Past Development Aid Projects

Over the years, our Canadian international development agency and its development aid partners have raised about $10 million and helped about a million people in Ethiopia (about $10 a person) with the following:

  • Eight new schools
  • Medical equipment and supplies for clinics and hospitals
  • Water wells for deserving women
  • Food security and sustainability for over 400,000 food-deprived people
  • Grinding mills, grain stores, and health posts (for maternal health)
  • Microloans for women, as well as training in business and health
  • Food, lodging, and school fees for the year for orphans

Future Development Aid Projects

Our future development aid projects, carried out with the help of other Ethiopian and Canadian international development agencies, include:

  • A new water-diversion project every year
  • Seka TVET school expansion from 300 to 600 students per year
  • Two new schools and water development for areas that have had little or no past development work
  • Support for a program to uplift and support HIV-infected women and orphans
  • Support for new water-well development schemes that relieve the extreme burden of poor women having to haul water over long distances every day