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Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky

A positive response to the need for humanitarian aid.

The people of Ethiopia have a saying: where a bird meets a fish in the sky. It describes an occurrence, a happening, a meeting that never should have transpired. It describes a miracle. This book tells the tale of just such a miracle—the coming together of heroes separated by an ocean to feed 400,000 people and change the world.

In 1996, Leo Seguin journeyed to Ethiopia, a country he’d been donating to since learning of the major famine in 1985 that killed almost a million people. He saw the extreme poverty and horrible conditions that were pervasive in the country. Women and girls having to walk five kilometres just to get water, children killed for their organs while walking across the Sudan to go to work, and orphans desperate for food, safe water, education, and medicine.

All proceeds from the sale of this book also go to help support Rainbow for the Future and the much-needed projects it undertakes for the heroes of Ethiopia.

Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky is the story of a group of heroes in northern Alberta, Canada, sharing their abundance with heroes in Ethiopia who strive to create better lives for themselves. In its pages, you’ll discover how a small region of Alberta with approximately 1,000 people raised $10,000,000 and touched the lives of a million people in Ethiopia.

Seguin introduces us to many fascinating people, such as Aliya, who was brave enough to be the first girl from Karayu to go to school, and a young boy who walked 12 kilometres each way for eight years so he could get an education, both of whom have since completed law degrees. You’ll learn about Gebreyes, an uneducated goat herder from the Sentena area who became an engineer and went on to oversee 150 water diversion projects that fed over a million people. Gebreyes then started Support for Sustainable Development, an Ethiopian NGO, to contribute to lasting economic and social development of food insecure segments in Ethiopia. Unforgettable characters such as these and many more make Seguin’s story compelling and inspiring.

But Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky isn’t just an interesting tale of incredible people. Seguin shares how he started Rainbow for the Future, an international development organization that funnels 95% of the money it raises to the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia, and leaves readers empowered and inspired to contribute to humanitarian causes even when they are a world away.

  • Learn how a small region of Northern Alberta, with approximately 1,000 people, raised ten million dollars ($10,000,000) and touched the lives of a million people in the country of Ethiopia.
  • Learn 10 guiding principles for successful humanitarian aid.
  • Learn why and how the first World Record Harvest took place.
  • Learn how Westlock and District puts faith into action.
  • Learn how over 95% of money raised gets to the most deserving recipients.
  • Learn about the key that has opened the door to meaningful international development for many parts of Ethiopia.