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How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy

A step-by-step process for gathering, organizing and delivering your message in a heartfelt and powerful form.

Being asked to write a eulogy for a family member or a friend is a special honour. Yet it can also be a real challenge if you’re not accustomed to writing and public speaking, especially when it must be quickly prepared in a time of grief and sorrow.

How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy makes the process much less stressful. Carefully organized to provide a step-by-step guide, it helps you deliver a personal, loving, and touching eulogy that truly honours the deceased in a way that’s meaningful for the family and the rest of the audience.

The book includes checklists and questionnaires for gathering information about the dearly departed from family members, friends, and colleagues, as well as five real-life examples of well-written eulogies. Seguin provides ideas and inspiration for making a eulogy special as well as a handy list of descriptive words readers can refer to when it’s time to start writing.

By breaking the process down into manageable steps, the author takes much of the fear out of writing and delivering a eulogy, and he provides lots of praise along the way to keep you motivated. From public speaking tips and a checklist of reminders for the big day, you’ll find everything you need to write and deliver the kind of eulogy your loved one deserves.