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Excerpt: How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy

Goal – Mission

When asked by family or friends to deliver a eulogy, there is usually very little time for planning. This book is designed as a guide to help you build and deliver a loving eulogy.

It will provide, in a concise form, a vehicle of expression produced with empathy and compassion. The prose will be constructed from your own personal thoughts, your generous emotions, your caring hands, hands imbued with loyalty and worthy purpose (using our tools) you are a child of God. There never was anyone quite like you, there never will be for time to come. This uniqueness is you, it’s beautiful, don’t forsake it for anything.

This guide will allow you to more easily accomplish the task at hand. It comes with an outline of information gathering, the process or organization, the step-by-step manual of assembly and the theme of neighbourly concern and love!

When you are done you will feel like you have delivered from your mind and heart a love capsule to the minds and hearts of family and friends with you as a spokesperson—a final gift of praise to the dearly departed.


The dictionary describes a eulogy as a speech of high praise about someone, often times a person who unfortunately has passed on.

I don’t believe there are many greater honours in this world that could be bestowed on someone than putting together an actual summation and reflection of a person’ life.

An honour, reserved for the closest, most trustworthy, most respected of friends, an undertaking few pursue, but one which when accepted can yield some of the greatest feelings of pride and satisfaction you will ever experience. You are held in the highest of esteem by these people because you have been entrusted with the job of reflecting on the person’s life, a life possession they more than likely cherished more than anything else on earth. It is one the most unselfish projects you will ever undertake because quite frankly, for these few days, you will be placing the concern of others before your very own.

You should be commended for accepting this task, but like many new experiences, it can bring on a bit of anxiety. This anxiety is good and when properly captured can be one of your greatest allies. In the ensuing chapters, I will show you how to harness this productive power especially if you are travelling alone. The best way to alleviate that problem is travel with a friend. Let this book be your travelling companion and partner, helping you reach a successful conclusion, always confronting every indecision head on.