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Tips for Public Speaking for a Eulogy

Public speaking for a eulogy is like any other type of public speaking but if you’re like most eulogists, you probably don’t have much experience speaking in front of a crowd. This can add to the stress of having to give a eulogy.

I believe that anyone can comfortably give a wonderful eulogy if they are committed to doing so. The following are my top tips for public speaking for a eulogy, taken from my book, How to Write and Deliver A Loving Eulogy:

1 Prepare yourself.

This is my best tip for public speaking if you have to give a eulogy. The more work you put into writing and practicing the eulogy, the more confident you will feel when delivering it and your confidence will come through.

2 Focus on others.

The moment you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on what you can do for others your anxiety decreases. This is easy to do at a funeral because the departed one’s family and friends need your support.

3 Make eye contact as much as possible.

Eye contact helps you hold your audience’s attention.

4 Use the microphone properly.

Speak about 10 inches from the microphone and don’t turn your head too far away from it. Use a loud, clear voice, take your time between sentences, and don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

Be enthusiastic.

This is one of the best tips for public speaking for a eulogy. To me, enthusiasm is a person’s desire to convey a message from their heart, soul, and mind to the hearts, souls, and minds of the audience members. You do this by giving the gift of yourself!

These public speaking tips will work for any type of public speaking. Hopefully, those faced with the task of delivering a eulogy can implement them quickly so they feel as comfortable as possible in front of an audience. Following these public speaking tips will help you keep the focus on the departed person and his or her loved ones while you give your eulogy.