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Leo Seguin

Leo Seguin: Humanitarian Aid Advocate

Leo Seguin has been a builder most of his adult life. He has built businesses, houses, shops, hotels, and showrooms, and he and his wife Bonnie have created a loving family. Leo has also built committees, events, projects, and partnerships, not only in his community but also half a world away in Ethiopia. All of his accomplishments are in turn built on the foundation of fairness, integrity, and sharing of resources.

Growing up on a farm north of Edmonton, Leo inherited a passion for entrepreneurship from his father and the desire to help those less fortunate from his mother. In 1992, he got involved in grain drives for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which is working to eradicate world hunger. Four years later, Leo organized more than 400 volunteers to hold “The World Record Harvest” in Westlock, Alberta. The proceeds were earmarked for food aid in Ethiopia.

Leo’s humanitarian work gives his life meaning and purpose.

Leo visited Ethiopia with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and saw the extreme poverty and need of the people. In 2004, he founded Rainbow for the Future. Rainbow is a conduit to share the bounty enjoyed by Canadians with people who live in poverty simply because of where they were born.

The work continues through the Westlock Growing Project and Rainbow for the Future thanks to Leo, whose leadership, generous heart, and compassionate soul are evident in every project, journey, and partnership.

Leo’s humanitarian work gives his life meaning and purpose. He feels blessed to have met and learned from the people of Ethiopia and is humbled by their humility, love, and ability to share the little they have. You can learn more about Rainbow for the Future’s work and the people of Ethiopia in his book Where a Bird Meets a Fish in the Sky.

After attending a funeral and noticing the difficulty the person giving the eulogy was having, Leo wanted to provide people with a simple, organized method for sharing the life of a deceased loved one. This led him to write How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy.